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Beautifully sunny day…

OMG is that sunshine I see outside?

Blue sky, sunshine and the house windows OPEN, yea, it’s that kind of day. Forecasters are saying maybe more S N O W this week – please, hopefully not. I am ready for Virginia springtime – our summers I can do without – but yes please come springtime !

Tell me – how is your day going?


Snow snow

Snow snow

it is magnificent….can’t argue that

Snow again in SE Virginia…

Snow again in SE Virginia...

Yes, it is beautiful – and we do love snow. However, I personally, am ready for our gorgeous Virginia spring weather…




Would love to hear experiences of other’s – caregivers, family members, relatives – co-workers!
If you feel that you cannot go on one more day as a caregiver to your loved one, I have been there.

More than once, I felt like bashing the phone receiver into the wall after the 12th phone call of the night. I was answering the same question again and again – Mom was not retaining a word we discussed. Was she “fine”? Was it my imagination?

Why do I feel guilty? Should I feel guilty?

I learned a lot of these feelings and more are real. They are honest, frustrating and tried my patience on more than one occasion.

Would I do it all again? For my Mother? YES, absolutely.

"Alzheimer's: Through My Mothers Eyes"

My twitter name is:  @thesuzettebrown

would love to hear from you..

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Fellow “Twitters”

   A sincere Thank YOU for following me on Twitter !  This blog is for any concerns you may have ! 

How has your day been as a caregiver?  Did you wonder if you would make it through one more day?  Did you stay positive and take the MUST needed break for yourself? 

I started a journal when I started being a caregiver for my Mom.  It kept track also of all financial transactions, doctors appointments, dates, visits to Mom, etc.  These journals were invaluable to me as they created my five year journey as Mom’s caregiver.  These journals helped me document Mom’s decline, good days, bad days, as well as my feelings and emotions.


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