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My book is now available in Soft Cover through…I am very proud so far with the comments I have received. Makes me feel quite good that I may be helpful caregivers and their families. My story is one of the heart, not thru the eyes of a doctor, specialist, or any fancy degrees.
If you want to really know what it is like – to the point of wanting to rip the phone out of the wall—because you just don’t think you can answer your loved ones question, one more time tonight – I get it. I really do.
Now that Mom is gone – I missed her voice and strangely enough her phone calls. Her never ending MONEY, “where is my money”, it is “my money Suzette and I want it”, asking for bank account number and branch of bank. I knew she didn’t remember and it frazzled me thinking someone may have been in her room at the Assisted Living facility, having her contact me. Very bizarre. When she finally went into a Convalescent Center, thank God, the phone calls – nightly – stopped.
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"Alzheimer's: Through My Mothers Eyes"

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