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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Book Feature – BG Healthcare

Book Feature – BG Healthcare.

Book Feature – BG Healthcare

Thank you extended to BG Healthcare for the honor of book mention in your newsletter. Proud to help and assist – caregivers and their family.

My self-publishing company experience…nightmare or not?

My self-publishing company experience…nightmare or not?.

Thank you “Dementia Journeys” for the “insightful” share !

Included in the “Dementia Journey’s Daily” – out today…Check it out !

Skype interview – with Tom Hobbs, The Kindle Whisperer

I am honored to having been chosen for a SKYPE interview with Mr. Hobbs.
Thank you !!

Review of Alzheimer’s: Through My Mother’s Eyes by Suzette Brown

Review of Alzheimer's: Through My Mother's Eyes by Suzette Brown.

Our Therapy Dog International, FLOWER/TDIAOV – Drawing.

Our Therapy Dog International, FLOWER/TDIAOV – Drawing..