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Faces on the hard boiled eggs.

Even though the memories are still emblazoned in my brain – I find it hard to write about Easter Sunday. The childhood memories remain crisp and clear, but the sad memories quickly follow.

To this day, I still miss the hand drawn faces on the hard boiled eggs. My father drew them every year. He included “hats”, “hair” and little stands to proudly exhibit them.

As a child I looked forward to my hand drawn egg every year. Since I never had a mustache or a beard, the hair would be longer as my hair grew. I didn’t wear glasses until late adulthood – and low and behold, he would add my glasses to my personal egg! These eggs were timely.

When I married my husband who had a full beard, Dad would incorporate his beard on hubby’s designated egg. Then came our son, who also got his own egg each year. It was absolutely delightful.

Every Easter now, I long for a painted hard boiled egg from my Dad. Now they would show the maturity on my face. My husband and I will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary this year, I can imagine a “32” on an Easter egg as our present on Easter Sunday! Dad was so talented – his egg faces are only one example of this loving and wondrous man.

Who knows, maybe he could have drawn one with my book cover on it.


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My book FEATURED - a "must read" - in the Daily Press newspaper. Suzette Brown highlighted as "local author" -- May 27, 2014. Author of book/memoir - "Alzheimer's Through My Mother's Eyes" - publishing name: Suzette Brown. My real and raw journey of being a caregiver to my Mother for five years. It is available on e-readers, Amazon, Goodreads, Nook, Kindle, etc., as well as soft cover edition on I am very proud of my story - and would be honored for your read and feedback. I hope to change and help lives of caregivers..... Happily married for 30 years to my hubby and best friend - mother of grown 28 year old son, happy with my life - and content. Proud "human" of a Therapy Dog International---we visit Convalescent Centers, Retirement Homes, Assisted Livings, Adult Day Cares, and hospitals. She is an amazing dog - and brings joy and compassion to sick, bedridden, and retired patients. I am so proud of her...... Now, let me hear about YOU .....

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