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Can your Mother come live with you ?

Can your Mother come live with you ?.

Bibliocrunch – my self-publishing journey…5 important questions answered.

Bibliocrunch – my self-publishing journey…5 important questions answered..

Bibliocrunch – my self-publishing journey…5 important questions answered.


Bibliocrunch is an amazing company for self-publishing authors.  Whether you are a new author looking for a respectable and trustworthy company – or if you have published before, be sure and check them out.

Being extremely frustrated with self-publishing companies such as Archway and Author House – I was at a crossroads as a brand new author.  Who would I contact now?  How would I know who to trust?  What process can be used?  I had my book ready to publish – I employed a BETA reader and a few friends in education for proofreading/editing.  But, I was missing a link – who would I use to self-publish my book?

It was agonizing trying to find a trustworthy source to use.  The self-publishing companies wanted many thousands of dollars that I could no way afford.  I took the time to peruse a few books on their internet sites – only to discover that many of these books were riddled with grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

I decided to check blogs, searches for “self publishing”, magazine articles,  – anything that may help me find a reputable company.  In locating ASJA, (American Society of Journalists and Authors)  and asking them for help  proved to be the best move I had yet made.  They suggested one company – and one company only…..BIBLIOCRUNCH.

Ms. Sattar was incredible.

She assisted me in signing up for her site due to my lack of technological experience.  Ms. Sattar provided me with the tools I needed to list my new book on her site.

I got quite a few “bids” on my book !  Many interested parties contacted me, but I chose the one that suited me best.   An amazing lady who owned “AUTHOR OPTIONS”.

Thank you to BIBLIOCRUNCH – I highly recommend for any and all self-publishing authors.