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The Book Buzz

Posted on April 9, 2017 by Suzette Brown Check it out ! Thank you Deneal’s Book Buzz for awesome write-up !

Source: The Book Buzz

BOOK Buzz !

Thank you Deneale for the awesome BOOK BUZZ !

For all caregivers, siblings, family members, friends and co-workers. This is the daily life of a Caregiver …..


The Book Buzz

Check it out ! 

Thank you Deneal’s Book Buzz for awesome write-up !

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Spring springing….

Source: Spring springing….

“Caring Across Generations”….full time caregiver and employee

Source: “Caring Across Generations”….full time caregiver and employee

Spring springing….

Getting back to my blog…..thanks to all that follow !

Spring was a wonderful time to visit my mother.  The warmer Virginia days, the flowers blooming showing off their pride,  longer days to enjoy visits and smiles on mom’s face.

I would pick her up and we would go for walks in the Park and then I would bring her to my home and make her lunch !  The happy times are behind me but still vivid in my mind and heart.

Or I would visit her at the convalescent center, bring my dog and she would beam with pride and tell the other residents that it was her dog.  Of course, she had the leash and would walk down the halls showing him off.  Oh how I loved visiting her.

We would go to the drugstore and Mom would get all she needed for herself…I helped but she really enjoyed getting out and shopping.  It was time for spring clothes also.  If she didn’t see anything she liked, it was OK.  I would go back alone and pick her out nice outfits that she really enjoyed.

Buying Mom a shawl for her neck and shoulders kept her cozy as she walked around during the day.  She had a cover that kept her warm.   I highly recommend a lite shawl for your loved ones and one that is colorful and not too heavy.  Your loved one will get a lot of use out of this purchase.

We would also go out for coffee and doughnuts and spend time talking.  Mom’s memory had lessened dramatically but she was having such a delightful time, none of that mattered.

Thanks to all.