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I live in Hampton, VA where I have been married to my best friend and husband of 30 years. Sitting in a spare room sat numerous boxes containing the many medical bills, doctors notes, entire medical files from both the assisted living and convalescent home, financials, attorney communications, doctors communications, calendars, emails, and many other documents pertaining to her care. With these boxes sat 7 journals I wrote in daily while caring for my mother starting in 1999 through 2004. With all this information at my fingertips I was encouraged by many friends and family to compile it into a testament to the caregiving aspect of an Alzheimer’s patient from a laymen’s aspect. While working full time this was an impossible task, it was not until I was approved for disability that I was able to have the free time to complete the book.

Please feel free to share any stressors, concerns, or ¬†positive approaches on this page. I would love to hear about your care giving experiences involving your loved one with Alzheimer’s.

-Suzette Brown

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  1. Regarding your ebook.

    I came across your profile on and noticed your eBook would be an ideal addition to the eBook store.

    I am a carer for 2 autistic sons, a wife who has suffered from depression (after loosing our son of only 3 weeks) and is currently going through a long diagnosis process to confirm if she is or is not autistic herself, and my mother who appears to be going through the early stages of dementia.

    As I am finding out, life as a carer can be lonely, fraught with obstacles, frustrations and worry.

    So I am creating a social network which can provide help for carers who deal with multiple issues plus need a site for themselves to let off steam on those tough days we sometimes have.

    Before the site goes live I am inviting authors to add their eBooks ready for launch day.

    I would love you to add your book(s)

    We are still adding categories so if you need something specific I would be happy to add if for you.

    I appreciate your time reading this and hope we can work together helping others.


    • Hey Ian.
      I sent you my home email – and the statement given to me by my publisher. I will be more than happy to supply you with the LINK to my book and a free copy (d/load) from Smashwords.

      It was a rough five years, exhausting and beyond frustrating. But I would do it all for my mother. She needed me to speak for her and take care of her – love her and guide her – which I did without question.

      Let me know if you want a free d/load and the link to Smashwords. By now you have probably found it on Amazon.

      I hope this system works for you, I don’t send out my book itself thru email.

      Thanks – honored for the request !

  2. Hi, Suzette. Thanks for the reblog and congrats on your blog and book. I, too, experienced caregiving (by proxy) with an aunt who had Alzheimer’s. I’m sure your blog and book are valuable tools for others in that predicament. Best of luck!

    • Thank you Tony! It does affect the ENTIRE family, co-workers, other relatives, our job, spouses life, children – so it is not just a disease for C/givers.
      If you read my book, I hope you enjoyed it. It is the RAW truth on day to day C/G. It was quite difficult – but I did it for the love of my Mother. I did not want her abused, taken for granted, scammed – but most of all – she needed to be treated with dignity and respect.

      Thanks for the kind words, Tony !

  3. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Click here to see the nomination: VIBA

    • Rachael ! OMGosh, how sweet ! Thank you…I try to help family and caregivers by sharing my experiences…I had to learn the hard way – I hope to inspire, challenge and advice caregivers…..because I have been there..
      Thank you !
      My home email if you wish:


  4. Suzette, can you please email me so I may have a dialogue with you regarding some of your content? Thanks!


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