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“Deneale’s book BUZZ” Check it out !

Flower, "reading" her Mom's book.

Flower, “reading” her Mom’s book.

So honored for the great write up ! Get a hint of my story and journals.
Working full-time, a teenaged son, hard working husband and household to run…..
Mom grew to be my top concern and I was there to speak for her, care for and protect her. I learned about many elder care issues. Driving, living alone, assisted living facilities, convalescent centers, elder attorneys, DPOA, Medical paperwork, and most importantly what I “COULD” and “SHOULD” have done.
Compassion, fierce determination and defensiveness, patience, love, rage, determination and frustration.
I would do it all again.
I miss you Mom.


The Daily Press Newspaper, local author, “Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes”. Such an honor.

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Can your Mother come live with you ?

Can your Mother come live with you ?.

Support and encourage Caregivers…..or become one.

Support and encourage Caregivers…..or become one..

“Elder Care: Don’t Steal Mom’s Identity”…..the ITRC

"Elder Care: Don't Steal Mom's Identity"…..the ITRC.

“Caring Across Generations”….full time caregiver and employee

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"Caring Across Generations"….full time caregiver and employee.

“Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes” – on “Plaid Radio” !!

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"Alzheimer's Through My Mother's Eyes" – on "Plaid Radio" !!.