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Sunshine … and happiness

After many weeks of dreary rain, dark clouds, sleet and snow, it is refreshing to wake up and see the yellow stuff known as sunshine bursting thru the windows.

I personally do not like Virginia summers, particularly in July and August – so I adjust to our winters.

During Virginia winters, it can be 65 degrees and sunny one day and the next day plunging down into the 20 degree mark accompanied by snow and freezing rain.
Just give us a little sunshine in between – please.

Our dogs would have to agree as it disrupts any hope for a walk with Mom or a day outside for “doggie” day care.

The Virginia Spring which is just around the corner makes it all worth while. Our Spring weather is to be envied as the green returns with a peace for all. The birds chirp louder, the days are even longer and the smell of freshly cut grass is soon upon us.

Snow again 002