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Sunshine … and happiness

After many weeks of dreary rain, dark clouds, sleet and snow, it is refreshing to wake up and see the yellow stuff known as sunshine bursting thru the windows.

I personally do not like Virginia summers, particularly in July and August – so I adjust to our winters.

During Virginia winters, it can be 65 degrees and sunny one day and the next day plunging down into the 20 degree mark accompanied by snow and freezing rain.
Just give us a little sunshine in between – please.

Our dogs would have to agree as it disrupts any hope for a walk with Mom or a day outside for “doggie” day care.

The Virginia Spring which is just around the corner makes it all worth while. Our Spring weather is to be envied as the green returns with a peace for all. The birds chirp louder, the days are even longer and the smell of freshly cut grass is soon upon us.

Snow again 002


“Caregiver and Survivor” is out ! Stories by The Suzette Brown

Thank you for the share – of my ITRC Blog.

I try to inform caregivers and family members of the importance of first securing a reputable Elder Law Attorney for your loved one – which in turn, makes the caregiver ALSO accountable to the Elder Attorney.

Please clean up house or rooms of your loved one. AS DPOA – remove invoices, bills, statements, personal information with DOB and social security numbers on display, all cash within reason, and pertinent information that could be used incorrectly.

Monitor phone calls, get caller ID and ability to block telemarketers who prey on the elderly.

AS DPOA – Have a password issued AT the bank or credit union so loved one cannot have access to an open account/amount of cash. They will find a way to get to the bank or credit union. Mom’s credit union urged and begged me to instill a password on her account. She would show up constantly and take out money. She was obsessed with her MONEY.

The cash would invariably disappear when she returned to the facility – assisted living facility. Was it in her clothes? Did she hide it? Did she lose it? Did she leave it somewhere? Was it stolen? The password STOPPED her withdrawing hundreds of dollars in cash.

AS DPOA – Be aware – keep up with the bills and invoices, keep accurate financial records, be prepared to give weekly updates to loved ones elder attorney, and set up a filing system to organize all records.

Ensure your loved one is taken care of: financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Thank you to “Caregiving Survivor” on Twitter for this amazing share.


Great info – for caregivers, family, elder attorney, friends, and medical community.

“Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes” – on “Plaid Radio” !!

“Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes” – on “Plaid Radio” !!

Thank you, shout out to Sarah Zink.

I am honored to have been featured on their “Plaid Radio” show…
talking about caregiving, family and being a caregiver for my Mother. Many tips, resources, organizations, “should” and “could” have done – for caregivers.


5* Book Review – “Hit the Nail on the Head”

5* Book Review – “Hit the Nail on the Head”

New 5* review that is eloquently written with beautifully relayed sentiment. Refreshing expression – of an often misunderstood responsibility.

“That said, I would recommend this book not only to caregivers but also to those who support or criticize the role of a caregiver in their family”. The reviewer goes on to say – many instances that only caregivers can relate to….”

“The book is instructive, and it hit on most of the highs and lows I experienced. It’s all too easy to give instruction to caregivers when you’re not one, and it’s even easier to dot every conversation with a caregiver with “helpful hints,” even if the speaker doesn’t have a clue what he or she is talking about…”

Thank you – MJ Plaster.


I can’t wear my Timberland boots to the wedding?

I can’t wear my Timberland boots to the wedding?

My son’s wedding was a lovely occasion – a happy time – and I had to make several promises to my son regarding the garb I would or would not wear. I had to promise him that I would not wear my Timberland boots to his wedding.

My shoe attire cannot include heels anymore, my knees have both been replaced and one of them has a knee revision where the replacement came loose. My Timberland’s would have been perfect. So comfortable, warm, great support to feet and ankles, rather nice looking – well I think anyway.

I sent him the picture of my shoe selection to wear with my dress outfit. His response was – “you are not wearing Timberland boots to my wedding”. Sure, I was disappointed, but I understood. Now, it was time to delve into shoes that I could actually wear – that matched my outfit.

I am no fashion diva – I dress for comfort. Long skirts, a nice sweater (or t-shirt) and long scarf – with my Timberland boots are my style, and they work well for me. Many have told me that I am the only one that can “pull off” some of the fashion exhibits that I wear. To me, its a compliment.

I love my son – so I had to put the Timberlands back in the closet and head to a department store for “dressy” and uncomfortable shoes.

Surely, I could bear horribly tight and uncomfortable shoes for a few hours.

I also have a pair of Timberlands in pink, those are my favorite.


“Indie Author News” – FAB author interview – “Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes”….

“Indie Author News” – FAB author interview – “Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes”….

Check it out on “Indie Author News”. My author interview.

Self Publisher’s Showcase – author interview, “Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes”…

Self Publisher’s Showcase – author interview, “Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes”…

Thank you Self Publisher’s Showcase for a FAB author interview.


“15 Do-It-Yourself Tools to Promote Your Book” – by Tony Levelle

Check out these very informative 15 steps and tools to help promote your book.

The positive one I definitely have down, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and more.

Thank you Susan Barton for a great share !


Faces on the hard boiled eggs.

Even though the memories are still emblazoned in my brain – I find it hard to write about Easter Sunday. The childhood memories remain crisp and clear, but the sad memories quickly follow.

To this day, I still miss the hand drawn faces on the hard boiled eggs. My father drew them every year. He included “hats”, “hair” and little stands to proudly exhibit them.

As a child I looked forward to my hand drawn egg every year. Since I never had a mustache or a beard, the hair would be longer as my hair grew. I didn’t wear glasses until late adulthood – and low and behold, he would add my glasses to my personal egg! These eggs were timely.

When I married my husband who had a full beard, Dad would incorporate his beard on hubby’s designated egg. Then came our son, who also got his own egg each year. It was absolutely delightful.

Every Easter now, I long for a painted hard boiled egg from my Dad. Now they would show the maturity on my face. My husband and I will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary this year, I can imagine a “32” on an Easter egg as our present on Easter Sunday! Dad was so talented – his egg faces are only one example of this loving and wondrous man.

Who knows, maybe he could have drawn one with my book cover on it.